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Waxing – lamination

Some industries have higher demands on wrap paper features. Thus we offer waxed paper that protects products from grease and moisture. Special type of waxed paper also protects iron parts from rust.
Paper resistance can be improved also by lamination which means combination of paper with foil or another type of paper.

Technical parameters

Wax is applied on one or both sides of paper, on sheets or rolls of different qualities of wrap paper.

Paper material

Lamination on one or both sides

Maxium width of roll lamination

20g – 600g 6 g – 60g 500mm – 1050mm

Sheeting – Cutting

Sheeting – Cutting

We put paper in desired shape.

Rewinding – Cutting

Rewinding – Cutting Rewinding – Cutting

Forward thinking in rewinding.


Flexoprint Flexoprint

Use paper as advertising medium.

Gravure print

Gravure print Gravure print

Reviving paper with colours.

Waxing – lamination

Waxing – lamination Waxing – lamination

Moisture – proof and smooth.

Paper rolling

Paper rolling

We make the paper rock´n´roll.


Packaging Packaging

We take care of packaging and immediate delivery.

Sheets counting

Sheets counting Sheets counting

You don’t even have to count to ten.


Recycling Recycling

We think green and get use of everything in recycling process.

Storage – Logistics

Storage – Logistics Storage – Logistics

We always have enough space.

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