Waxing - lamination

Some industries have more demanding requirements for the properties of packaging materials, so we also offer papers treated with wax, food wrap or hot-melt adhesive. These are materials that create an impermeable barrier between the packaged goods and the environment. This prevents damage to the packaged product as well as contamination of objects that come into contact with the packaged product (e.g. with grease or moisture). They have wide applications in many industries. For example, a special type of waxed paper, or so-called paraffin paper, can also protect metal components against corrosion. We can also handle adhesive lamination, which is the permanent connection of two layers of the same or different materials, thereby creating a protective or decorative layer on the surface. This improves the utility properties of the final product.

Input grammage of paper

Single-sided and two-sided lamination

Roll lamination width

20g – 600g 6 g – 60g 500mm – 1050mm



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