Paper has so many uses, which is the reason why we still enjoy our work. It can be used in creative ways. That is why we are constantly modernizing and why we are interested in the latest design trends, so we can always surprise you with an innovative solution. No boring paperwork, with us you will get to know paper’s better side. We can process paper from A to Z. We will help you choose the right quality and grammage and shape it according to your individual requirements. You will also find a range of modern and sought-after paper products, from wrapping papers to tablecloths.


We have been dealing with a diverse range of papers for almost 20 years. Papír Novák was founded by Miloš Novák in 1994. At that time, the company specialized in cutting and selling wrapping paper. Three years later, we purchased a new flexo printer a started printing as well. In 2000 we experienced a big boom in the production of gift papers and Christmas papers. We relocated our operations to the village of Stradonice, where we continue to modernize and innovate for the entire paper industry. We are currently innovating in the field of popular paper products for dining, tablecloths and paper utensils. Everything we do, we do to the fullest. It is constant development that cannot be stopped. We are modernizing, building and expanding our services.
Thanks to this, the most demanding clients are still our partners today.
Judge for yourself.

And as the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so just wait till you watch this short video.

We are responding to the growing demands of our customers and modernizing our machinery with EU support.