Our experience, passion for innovation and ability to keep up with demanding clients are the key to our growth. We are able to comply with customer´s needs not only when it comes to choosing and delivering the right type of paper but also when processing – cutting, formating or printing, for which we use the latest technologies.

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Are you looking for butchers’ paper, food packaging paper, gift wrapping paper, or paper tablecloth? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Our company is engaged in the production, sale and processing of wrapping paper with applications in all industries.

Our products have applications, for example, in the fast food industry for packaging ready meals, butchers use them to package meat and sausages, and they are used for wrapping sandwiches, desserts and cheeses in delicatessens. Bakers and confectioners also use kraft paper to package their products. Thanks to the wide range of applications, everyone will find what they need.

You can have the paper cut into sheets or wound into rolls. The papers can be laminated with food film, wax or hot-melt adhesive. These materials create an impermeable barrier that prevents grease and moisture from penetrating the paper.

We can print your wrapping paper with a motif of your choice, which will also serve as an advertisement for your company. We use flexographic printing, which is environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of water-soluble inks.

With us, you can also recycle waste paper, which we sort and press. We are also able to arrange container transport for you.

Before the goods are dispatched, we package them so that they arrive to you in good condition (we offer several packaging variants). We package the goods, for example, in 10 kg paper packages (reams), in paper wraps or LDPE film, and in 12.5 kg carton packages.

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